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A Tower of Stones


Individual Counseling

Do you feel stuck in a particular situation or relationship? Are you feeling lost or frustrated with where your life is or headed toward? Are you tired of the inner critic inside your head, always putting you down and holding you back from realizing your potential?

The good news? Counseling can help.

Couples Counseling

Do you feel alone in your marriage or relationship? Are you struggling with feeling connected and passionate with your partner? Are you tired of fighting the same fight over and over with no real solution in sight? Are you and your partner trying to rebuild after an affair? Do you think about giving up but still hold out the hope that something can make things better?

You are not alone.

Premarital Counseling

Now that you are committed to each other fully, do you wonder how you and your partner can sustain the love, connection, and intimacy you share now in the long run? Are you starting to experience conflicts that are difficult to navigate in your relationship? Do you want to learn lifelong skills that will lead the two of you to lasting happiness, satisfaction, and emotional intimacy? Do you want to acquire the necessary tools for creating a healthy marriage?

Long lasting love and satisfaction in your marriage is possible.

Telehealth Counseling

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally transformed the provision of therapy. With the ongoing pandemic, telehealth has become the safest way to provide continuous mental health care during a time when increased anxiety, isolation, and stress are being experienced. If you are unfamiliar with telehealth, it is also known as "online therapy" or "virtual therapy," which is conducted through a video call platform. 

There are many benefits to telehealth counseling.

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