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Do you feel alone in your marriage or relationship? Are you struggling with feeling connected and passionate with your partner? Are you tired of fighting the same fight over and over with no real solution in sight? Are you and your partner trying to rebuild after an affair? Do you think about giving up but still hold out the hope that something can make things better?

You are not alone.


It is absolutely normal and quite healthy for couples to experience some amount of conflicts in their relationships. When managed appropriately, conflicts can help couples become closer because they create opportunities of growth. It is when the amount of conflicts exceeds the amount of connection that relationships begin to fall apart and one or both people decide to leave.

Couples counseling can help you rebuild your marriage or relationship.

Not all marriages or relationships need to end when they get tough. Especially if you have children, a home, or other responsibilities together, divorce or separation can oftentimes create more complications. Couples counseling can provide you and your partner with the needed tools or skills to reclaim your love and connection.

In couples counseling, I assist you and your partner to:

  • Strengthen your foundation of trust, commitment, and friendship.

  • Rekindle a sense of play, fun, and intimacy with each other.

  • Learn new ways of managing natural conflicts that deepen your connection.

  • Practice effective communication and listening skills that lead to mutual understanding.

  • Enhance the strengths that already exist within your relationship.

It is time for you and your partner to start experiencing the loving and supportive relationship you are meant to share. Contact me today!


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