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Now that you are committed to each other fully, do you wonder how you and your partner can sustain the love, connection, and intimacy you share now in the long run? Are you starting to experience conflicts that are difficult to navigate in your relationship? Do you want to learn lifelong skills that will lead the two of you to lasting happiness, satisfaction, and emotional intimacy? Do you want to acquire the necessary tools for creating a healthy marriage?

Long lasting love and satisfaction in your marriage is possible.


It is safe to say that no couple comes together in marriage wanting it to be transient. However, the reality is that one in two unions fall short of the goal of enduring marital bliss. There can be many contributions to that statistic, but one of the strongest ones is perhaps the inability to successfully manage their differences. Overtime, their problems become the totality of their marriage instead of being just a part of it.

This is what you and your partner can expect to learn in premarital counseling sessions:

  • Establish strong roots in friendship, trust, and commitment that will then lead to satisfaction in sex, romance, and passion.

  • Manage conflicts in a way that deepens intimacy and trust rather than fueling disconnection.

  • Regulate your and your partner’s emotional system so the two of you can stay open and receptive to one another during difficult times.

  • Explore ways in which you can create shared meaning, culture, and traditions.

  • Cultivate a sense of fun, play, and adventure into the duration of your marriage.

Let the happiest days the two of you share together be those following the one you say “I do.”

So many couples embody the mentality that once they are married, all their problems will magically disappear. Or that marriage will somehow be the solution to "fixing" their partner. This cannot be further from the truth. In fact, the real "work" begins once you and your partner settle into life as a married couple. The challenges that present in your relationship will test the strength of your coupling. Take the time, energy, and effort into investing into your marriage now before the problems become too deeply ingrained. This journey that you are about to embark on will likely be one of the most important and meaningful one you will ever experience.

Give your marriage the gift of a solid foundation as you and your partner embark on this lifelong journey of love and adventure.


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